"Red Jacket Running"

Eldred Clark Johnson

Item #13704

Size: 29.5"w x 23.5"h

Price: $3,500


"Dark Skies Over the Harbor"

William Maynard, circa 1960
Item #14531

"Mystic Seaport"

By Franklin Edward Morris

Item #13488

Size: 28.5"w x 24"h

Price: $4,900


"Still Life with Fruit"

oil painting in the manner of Abraham Mignon
Item #10770

"Boy and a Girl in a Rowboat"

Amy Chuckrow
oil on canvas
Item #13581

"Charles River Sail"

David Kasman
fine oil on canvas
Item #12360

"Estuary at Harwich"

British School, 19th C.
fine oil on canvas
Item #12927

"Fields and Flowers"

Charles Langley
oil on canvas
Item #11644

"Fishing Boat at Sunset"

Theodore Victor Valenkamph, 1902
oil on canvas
Item #10884

"Fishing Dories Setting Out"

Harry Ballinger
oil on canvas, early 20th C.
Item #14352

"Fishing Schooners at Anchor"

signed by W.H. Savage
oil on board
Item #13453

"Floral Still Life"

Saul Schary
Item #5979

"Floral Still Life"

in the manner of Jacob Van Walscapelle
oil on canvas
Item #9913 SOLD

Autumn Landscape

oil on board
Item #13037, Size: 21" x 17", Price: $2,400

"Garden View with a Pool"

Maurice Bompard, circa 1930
oil on canvas
Item #14150

"Gloucester Harbor Fishing Boats"

Paul Ernest Goodrich
oil on board
Item #12143

"Italian Rural Village"

oil on canvas, 1890
Item #10371

"Motif #1, Rockport"

L.F. McAleer
oil on board
Item #12625

"Pedroia in Action"

Juan Perez
oil on canvas
Item #14283

"Portrait of a Yorkshire Terrier"

British School,1910
oil on canvas
Item #12957

"Rocky Coast with Heavy Surf"

Gilbert Tucker Margeson
oil on canvas
Item #10145

"Portrait of a Boy and his Dog"

L.B. Chapman
American, 1845
oil on canvas
Item #13440

"Portrait of a Setter"

William C. Van Zandt
oil on canvas, 19th Century
Item #10294

"Schooners at the Dock"

Maurice King Burns
circa 1950
Item #12493


Bernard Corey
oil on board
Item #12995

"Snow Emergency, Newbury Street"

David Kasman
Item #11866

"Ships Heading into Harbor"

Marshall Johnson
oil on canvas
Item #13824 SOLD

"Snowscape, Blue Hills Massachusetts"

A.C. Goodwin
oil on canvas, circa 1918
Item #10912

"Still Life of Fruit"

American School, circa 1900
oil on board
Item #12799

"Still Life with a Fruit Basket"

Alice Tilton Garden
oil on panel
Item #14106

"Still Life with Creamer"

Sandor Olah
oil on canvas

"The Rescue of the USS Danmark"

George Mears
oil on board
Item #13159

"Still Life of Fruit"

Charles T. Bale
oil on canvas
Item #8972

"The Waterfall"

Charles Henry Richert
Item #12492

"View of Barcelona"

Jose Masriera Y Manovens
oil on canvas
Item #14147

Vintage Gallery Maeght Exhibition Poster "Theogonie"

For the Works of George Braque
Item #13698

"Winter Seas"

Howard Curtis
oil on masonite
Item #13654


Harry Cassie Best
oil on canvas
Item #10350