“Ship at Full Sail”

Ship at Full Sail
A maritime painter and illustrator, who became very well known during his lifetime, James Gale Tyler was born in Oswego, New York in 1855.
His interest in marine subjects began early, as by age 15 he was showing a fascination with the ocean which led him to take up a brief
tutelage with seascape artist Archibald C. Smith. He traveled to New York City in 1870 and remained there for most of his life. As his
reputation as an illustrator grew, Tyler maintained studios in both Rhode Island and Connecticut as well. As an illustrator, Tyler’s work
appeared in Harper’s, Century, Literary Digest, and other popular magazines throughout the 1870’s and 80’s. James Gale Tyler painted
pictures of every America’s Cup race from 1900. In 1930, at the age of 75, he made his last documentary of the races off Newport and
created his characteristically vivid portrayals of the “Shamrock” and the “Enterprise”, which were later shown at the Union League Club.
Tyler’s marine pictures were so popular that he repeated in a formulaic way his theme of a sailing ship returning home at night with red port and green starboard running lights glowing. Tyler died in Pelham, New York in 1931, at the age of seventy six. This oil on canvas is signed in the lower left hand corner and there is a collectors seal affixed to the back of the stretcher. Our item # 13596
In a new 22 karat gold custom frame